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Celebrating Black History


Prayer House Ministries has created a film video gallery (please click on link below) commemorating the existence of black people throughout the times.  The purpose of the gallery is to enlighten, educate and bring awareness of the courage, innovativeness and skill demonstrated by our forefathers throughout history, thus bringing knowledge and understanding to all.

Throughout the ages, the accomplishments of black men and women have often been neglected.  This is evident, as the curriculum for black history, until recently, contained limited information beyond slavery, e.g., drums being brought into schools to celebrate Black History Month, an annual event celebrated during the month of October.

We hope that after viewing the film video gallery, you come away with a greater knowledge and understanding of the achievements of black men and women throughout history.

Prayer House Ministries' Film Video Gallery celebrating Black History

Please also visit our Documentaries' page celebrating Black History.


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